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Full text of "The Fate Of Man In The Modern World"

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nor the grace of God. These modern tendencies
reveal the terrible loneliness of man. The tragedy
of the situation lies in the fact that great masses
of humanity have awakened and come intq power
at the moment of a falling away from Christianity
and the loss of all religious beliefs.


The present catastrophe in the world was bom,
not of a joyful superabundance of creative force,
but from man's profound unhappiness, his feeling
of hopeless despair. This may be said, above all,
of the national-socialist movement in Germany.
The enthusiasm of Nasi youth, which seems
actually to exist, is pathological in character, and
resembles animation produced by an injection of
camphor, rather than the springtime of national
life. The German people are in a state of
collective insanity, resulting from the degrada-
tion and misfortune to which they have been
subject. But Russian communism also, a differ-
ent phenomenon, although greatly resembling
Nafciism in its social morphology, was born not
of joy, and not of a surplus of strength, but out
of the misfortunes of the war and the injustice of
the past.

This element of past misfortunes and unhealthy
Resentment exists in all revolutions and often dis-
torts their form. The masses are easily subject to